Saturday, January 20, 2007

Love Candle

My project for today was a valentine candle. I thought it would make an adorable teacher's gift! Here is a quick refresher course on how to stamp candles:
1) Stamp images on tissue paper
2) trim images closely
3) lay images where you want them on candle (affix one at a time)
4) wrap wax paper around candle
5) heat the image with a heat gun until you can see that it has melted into the candle just slightly, it will look shiny. **don't heat too much or you will melt the candle***
6) remove wax paper and use a new wax paper sheet for each image that you want on the candle. If you can still see the tissue paper when you remove the wax paper just lay the wax paper back down on it and heat a little longer.

Note**a hair dryer will not work for this project, you will have to use a heat gun, preferably a stampin up gun!!

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Maria said...

Hi Laurie,

Wow, this is such a cool project. I've always wondered how these were made. This is something I will definitely would like to try out.

Thanks for your positive comment on my blog site and adding a link on your site. I do have two blog sites. . one for rubber stamping other than Stampin' Up (Card Inspired and Stampin' Inspirations)I do tutorials on both sites.

I'll subscribe to your blog! Actually, you're my first. I haven't had a chance to venture out and check out other blog sites but this blog thing is such a great network for ideas.