Friday, January 4, 2008

Blog Candy Winner & more candy to be given away!

The 1st Blog Candy Winner is.....Jessica! Jessica please leave me another comment or email me at with your address. I couldn't find it on your blog site or in your comment. I am new at this blog candy thing so I am going to have to figure out a better system. Instead of keeping all of the emails that came to me thru feedblitz, I just printed out all of the comments, cut them apart, and drew a name. Unfortunately, that doesn't give me the emails of the people that left the comments. I would gladly take any suggestions on how to do this better next time!

In fact, leave me a comment on how I should do this better and you will go into my next blog candy drawing. I will come up with a prize with a Valentine theme (paper, embellishments, etc).

Take a peak at the winner's blog here.

Jessica - please send me that address and I will mail your prize right away!

Thanks to all of you for participating!


Tejal said...

You could do one thing, when you're announcing your blog candy, make it mandatory for everyone to leave their email addresses, if they don't, disqualify them from the candy.

Sometimes, someone enter and doesn't come back to check, and you have to keep re-posting and re-announcing spoils the whole intention of candy..

I love how you posted the Winning info on a didcha do that??


Jan Scholl said...

anyone who leaves their emails on open sites like this is gonna get deluged with spam. Spammers use "spiders" that troll sites and pick up anything with the @ sign and guess what, your mail picks up big time. I think anyone who posts to blogs should have a blog themselves with an email listed-but not a primary one-so use an email that is only for internet sites (which is what I do and I have never had a problem) A lot of people only visit a blog because of the candy and never come back. If you list them as a winner and they dont check back, draw again. But dont require anyone to leave their email address unless they know it will get picked up for spam. and dont leave an address or anything that will identify where you live for all to take for identity theft. I only list my city and not my kids names or ages or my pattern of what I am doing by name for the day. not safe.

stamp and scrape said...

A lot of us keep the email address on the blog profile, so you can find it there. I think you have to specify what you want to do when you offer the candy. I agree that I don't like to leave it in a comment like this.

mochamama said...

Any blogsite that I have joined in on thier blogcandy the responsibility has been left up to those who enter to bookmark the site and check back to see if they are the winner.

Angel Wilde said...

I say announcing the winner is your only obligation. Leave it up to them to contact you IF they don't leave their email address. Congrats yo he winner though and I LOVE your newspaper announcement. How'd you do that?

Lizzy said...

Hi Laurie!

You were looking for a way to draw your winner. I know that some of the bloggers use a random number generator to choose the comment. Cuts out the need to print and cut apart.

Thanks for the chance to win! I enjoy your blog and ideas. They are beautiful projects, easy to do and I can find the stamps!
Take Care!